Quinoa Nutrition - Cooking Quinoa Is Easy To Do

The great thing about adding quinoa nutrition to you diet is that it is easy to do. Cooking quinoa is as simple as recipes come. Anyone can do it and you don't have to worry about knowing your way around the kitchen. I remember when I first tried to cook rice in a pot, I burned all the rice on the bottom of the pot so I just bought a rice steamer and used that to cook my rice from then on. So when the first time came for me to cook quinoa, I was a little bit nervous.

Lucky for me, quinoa is very simple to cook. Just add two parts water for every one part quinoa. I like to make one cup quinoa and I add two cups of water and stir them together in a pot and bring it to a boil. Once it starts boiling all you have to do is turn the heat down to medium low and cover the pot with a lid. Now let it cook for another 15 minutes or until all the water in the pot is absorbed. The quinoa will appear light and fluffy. If you follow these instructions you won't have any issues cooking quinoa.

Quinoa Nutrition Improves Your Health


The very first thing to say of quinoa is that it's a seed, not a grain. The plant grows to about two meters high and the seeds are born on flower clusters.

The leaves can be eaten like spinach and in truth quinoa and spinach come from the same plant group. The commonest type is the cream colored quinoa but you may also buy red quinoa. The quinoa I grew last year was the rainbow variety which had a variety of brown and dark red quinoa seeds.

Quinoa Nutrition Facts 

Quinoa has for some time been a favorite for vegans as it has all 9 necessary amino acids making it a complete protein. Lysine particularly is critical for fixing the body and bringing recovery. It also contains iron, copper, phosphorus and magnesium. What this all means in layman's terms is that it has one of the highest concentrations of these elements in the plant world. Quinoa carbs are slow releasing which suggests that it satisfies your appetite for longer. For diabetes sufferers this is perfect as you can maintain the right blood sugar levels for longer with high level carbs like quinoa. Quinoa is nearly a "complete" food and was employed by the Inca mothers when pregnant as well as when nursing children. ( It is assumed to help to improve the standard of milk  production while feeding ).

Quinoa has lots of Calcium, Fat, Iron and phosphorous and a high level of vitamin B2. Sprouted quinoa has more fiber as the seed germ has sprouted from the seed. This germ gives a good level of fiber when cooked in the standard way. When it is sprouted the fiber is more thanks to the giant white sprout. You can mix sprouted quinoa with cut raw plants for a good salad full of fiber and goodness.

There are particular food stuffs that are thought of as basic foods. Here in Britain it is just about an offense to have dinner without potatoes. We eat potatoes with anything. We boil them, we roast them and we chip them. We also make them into waffles, croquettes and mashed potato. When we run straight out of concepts for the potato it's going to be a sorrowful day. 

Another basic food is rice. While not a flexible as the standard potato it can be cooked and used in some ways as a main meal or a pudding. So what about quinoa? Is using quinoa as a basic food a workable option. Is it convenient to use in a lot of differing kinds of foods and recipes? Having written two books on the topic I'm sure to say yes. But permit me to explain a considerable number of straightforward ways that you can include quinoa in your diet today.

As An Accompaniment To A Meal 

You can simply substitute quinoa as the side plate where you would routinely serve rice. Because quinoa is more important than rice with a slight flavor of its own I believe that it is a better choice for curries and stews. It truly improves the general flavor of the meal and makes it more filling. You can scale back the quantity and still feel full. 

As A Salad Base Couscous

Couscous is utilized in North Africa and some Mediterranean states as a base for salad. You need to use quinoa in an identical way. You can mix in anything you've got on hand with the quinoa and have a wonderful meal prepared in a couple of minutes. To add further punch you can dress the salad with mayo or French dressing. For instance, it is really easy to slash up some sweet peppers, celery and carrots and toss them along with quinoa. It will only take moments and tastes great. 

Why Quinoa Could Be A Basic Food 

The point about quinoa is that it is far more simple to utilise than most individuals imagine. It comes in different colors and different forms. There are the standard grains that come in a cream, red and black color. Then there are quinoa flakes that can be utilised in baking and in breakfast cereals. You may also use the flakes as a granola ingredient. You may buy gluten free quinoa flour to be used in special gluten free bread and cookie recipes. I'm hoping you can see the chances with quinoa as a basic foods.